Chester Missing, a double Emmy nominated puppet, is gatecrashing virtual meetings to answer the big questions:

How do we work as a team, while apart?
How do we build rapport without human interaction?
What do I do if there’s a disconnect?
How do you create a shared culture when you’re never in the same room?
What about zoom fatigue from too many online meetings?
How do we deal with the stress of home being a work place?
Am I on mute?

Chester, who is famous in SA for asking leaders the tough questions on TV, will both interact humorously with your team, and, with his ventriloquist, Conrad Koch, teach them about how to build a great corporate culture, virtually. Luckily Conrad, as well as being a world-class comedian, also has a master’s degree in corporate anthropology, so this funny, uplifting talk delivers some hard-hitting facts about building trust, taking leadership, checking in on team members who are struggling, and maintaining a client-centric workspace that exists entirely digitally.

Zoom with a View uses state of the art streaming software that provides multiple camera angles, and audio visual effects to create a truly fun, educational and inspirational online experience.




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