Based: Cape Town

Introducing DJ West – a musical chameleon who defies categorization, transcending genres and eras with ease. With a lifetime dedicated to the art of finding the perfect track, he’s become synonymous with being the right man for any moment – whatever that moment may hold.

 Unrestricted by genre boundaries, DJ West’s mastery lies in his uncanny ability to tune into the vibe of the crowd and deliver precisely what’s needed, precisely when it’s needed. Whether it’s a nostalgic throwback or the latest chart-topper, he crafts seamless sets that cater to the unique energy of each event.

 Drawing from his extensive experience managing and owning some of Cape Town’s most renowned venues, DJ West possesses an unparalleled understanding of musical dynamics. His reputation as a tastemaker is a testament to his knack for orchestrating unforgettable experiences, tailored to perfection.

 His dedication to his craft shines through in every performance, earning him an impeccable reputation for consistently hitting the mark, one perfect track at a time.

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