A SOLUTION to your Digital Entertainment needs for your functions


Two sets of varied entertainment visually filmed and pre-recorded in-front of a green screen to deliver a personalized and customised professional corporate ‘touch’ – to use for your virtual and/or digital functions and events.

 What you get:

Jacques Lagesse on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals, Rike Coetzer on Saxophone, Cristina Rodrigues on Electric Violin and Vocals, Devereaux Oosthuizen on Keyboard.

How it works:

  • We pre-record our individual tracks in front of a green screen.
  • You provide us with your imagery, videos, logos and other content you may wish to have as a background – behind the performer.
  • We provide you with a beautifully edited and packaged performance (transitions, dissolves song titles etc. ), with alternating musicians for variety, with your Corporate Content playing in the background



We host a performance, live in a studio with professional sound, lighting and LED screens, personalized with your imagery, videos, logos and other content as background.

Let us entertain you

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