Based: Johannesburg.

The guests have just enjoyed a great dinner – the tummies are full and copious amounts of red wine have been consumed – they are totally relaxed when suddenly the harsh voice of a Zulu warrior is heard shouting from within the venue – the warriors threats are echoed by his adversary. From the other end of the venue…the warriors stalk each other through the dinner tables, murmuring their threats as they advance towards the ‘staging area.

They meet amidst a thunderous clash of shields and sticks – a warrior falls, slain by his opponent who, foot placed firmly on the slain warriors chest raises his shield in victory as he cries out viva……..(your clients name).

As the audience applause fades our main show narrator takes to the stage where she welcomes the guests and proceeds to announce the show. An excellent, albeit optional preamble to your evenings entertainment!

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