Beauty & the Beat

Beauty & the Beat: Where Worlds Collide in Harmony
Prepare to be amazed by the electrifying fusion of Beauty & the Beats! This unique duo combines the raw energy of a beatboxer with the elegance of a virtuoso violinist, creating a powerful performance that transcends genres. The show opens with a captivating display by Morgan, the beatboxer. Witness the incredible range of sounds he conjures using only his vocal cords, leaving you awestruck. Then, a familiar melody emerges – a hint of Für Elise. As if responding from another world, Kristel, the violinist, picks up the theme from offstage, drawing you into their captivating fusion.

Their musical journey unfolds through a captivating medley. From timeless classics like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Storm to South African favourites like Nkosi Sikelele and contemporary hits like Avicii’s Wake Me Up, Beauty & the Beats seamlessly blends styles, showcasing the power of collaboration.
Want to elevate the experience? They can even add a male vocalist to create an even richer soundscape (optional).
And for a truly unforgettable event, Kristel can serenade your guests with a solo violin set upon arrival.

Beauty & the Beat is more than a performance; it’s an experience. Witness the magic that unfolds when seemingly disparate worlds collide, creating a harmonious and unforgettable spectacle.

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