In 2018 GoodLuck designed and built one of the world’s most acoustically neutral music studios with a big focus on interior design and lighting. They like to think of it as ‘The Google’ of music studios. It’s a playground and a place to set your imagination free!

The New Blueprint – we are offering a professional live stream solution for all corporate clients with the best artists in Cape Town hosted in this magical space!

We realise that corporate clients will not be able to host their usual functions, awards ceremonies and product launches due to social gatherings and air travel restrictions. We also understand that entertainment has always played a big role in these type of events and have therefore developed this system to ensure that you can still have the artist you desire without putting your staff and clients ar risk whilst still achieving an incredible music element at your event.

Performance Options:

  • Small office  parties where the band can stream live and interact with the staff and deliver a 45 minute to 1 hour performance
  • Virtual company meetings, training sessions or online product launches where the band can perform during the meeting intervals
  • An alternative is for the band to pre-record the performance and client can insert performances segments into their preferred slots during the meeting
  • We can also offer a usage package where the same pre-recorded footage can be used for an ongoing period


Let us entertain you

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