Based: Johannesburg

“My professional value system is one of integrity and authenticity – that mirrors my personal views on life. It’s relevant, because it mirrors wherever I am at in life. It’s real. Real people enjoy my work, because it’s real.”

Arguably known as one of the hardest working women in entertainment in South Africa currently; all round entertainer, Nina Hastie, is a multi-talented comedian, actor, writer, radio and television personality and all-round entertainer.

Having performed at most of the major comedy festivals in the country, co-hosting a breakfast show on Touch HD, and appearing on three concurrent television shows namely: Trending SA, Soap On A Rope and Karakters; Nina Hastie has become one of the most recognized and influential personalities the country has seen to date.

Known for her unfiltered wit and authentic comedic style live performances, Nina Hastie’s star is set to grow beyond South Africa, soon to launch with upcoming project including her female only ensemble.

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