Chaotic times, liminal spaces, change the rules, upturn the status quo and so can give us the opportunity to create lasting positive change. Provided that we engage liminal spaces properly and make good decisions. Pierre has studied liminal spaces for the last decade and uncovered core practices that not only help people cope with complexity and chaos but can help to discern the path forward and out of chaos.


  1.  What Is a liminal space?
  2.  PRACTICE: GONE, a mindfulness meditation designed to help one recognise impermanence.
  3.  What initial steps are necessary to engage in a chaotic time?
  4.  PRACTICE: LET’S HAVE TEA, a Mindfulness meditation acknowledging the discomfort and pain experienced in chaotic times.
  5.  How does one move forward, as an individual or organisation, and create positive change?
  6.  TAKE HOME PRACTICE, EXAMEN, a daily practice designed to help discern positive patterns.



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