A talk and guided body practice.

We spend an inordinate amount of time in front of and staring at our black rectangles. our screen. People spend around six hours a day in front of a screen and on average about two to three hours on our phones. And during the pandemic our screen use has skyrocketed. Our eyes hurt, our backs ache, and our attention span aspires to be that of a goldfish. 

We need a digital detox.

“The more high-tech we become, the more high-touch we need to be.” – Dr. Leaonard Sweet

We live completely disconnected from our own bodies, living out our lives on social media platforms and glued to screens. This 30 minute presentation (online or in-person) teaches you and your team the importance of stepping away from the screen. It includes a guided Body Meditation / Practice which everyone can use as part of your daily rhythm, to help you and your team detox, reconnect to their bodies and be all-round healthier and happier people. The session also includes a private link to a recording of the practice sent to all participants for later use. 





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