Based: Cape Town.

Cape Town’s own Ladysmith Black Mambazo!

This is Scatamiya Music at its very best! Scatamiya Music you ask? Best described as a soul driven form of music that found its roots in the Gold and Diamond mines of yesteryear – an era when men were forced to leave their families behind as they were relocated to far off mine-fields – men alone…yearning for their families and homes. Scatamiya music incorporates a unique breed of dance – a ‘walking on the toes, softly touching the floor.’

This is a 4 – 10 piece group, That sing about love, unity, piece and slavery. This kind of music started in gold and diamond mines –men alone in strange places yearning for their families.

Repertoire style: Homeless, Graceland Melodies, Shosholoza, Mbube (In the jungle) and more

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